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High Protein Crepe

It’s an ALL-day breakfast kind of day with this delicious recipe. 🍌

On the menu: High-Protein Crêpes, made with our Clean New Zealand Whey. Here’s what you’ll need …

❏ 1 scoop of Vanilla Clean New Zealand Whey 
❏ 1 cup Flour 
❏ 2 Eggs 
❏ 1/2 cup Milk / and or Almond Milk 
❏ Toppings: Banana, chocolate, nut butter etc. 

❏ Mix together all your ingredients
❏ Heat your pan to medium heat and add a generous scoop of your mixture
❏ Cook for two minutes until the bottom is lightly brown - turn and cook the other side
❏ add your topics of choice and enjoy!

Easy, peasy, right?

Like we said, don’t be surprised if this recipe takes over breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Are you an “eat-breakfast-anytime” kind of person too? 🍌